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Dear Clients, as part of precautionary measures against the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), we are implementing health declarations and temperature screenings when you visit us. If you have travelled to any of the affected clusters, please inform your therapist immediately. For more information, please refer to the Ministry of Health Singapore's website

Reviews by Clients

“My therapist is attentive to my needs. I no longer have difficulties talking to authoritative figures” – Smith, 40s, overcame his fear of authoritative figures

“Shame doesn’t bother me these days. I realized my stuttering is gone” – Chan, 20s, recovered from stuttering since childhood

“I can see my son is more relaxed now. He told me he is feeling hungry” – Deva, 40s, whose son had difficulty focusing on schoolwork

“I am able to exercise 1 to 2 times a week for 45 mins now” – Irfan, 30s, bounced back from general anxiety disorder

*Names changed to protect clients’ confidentiality



Find out more about how Hypnotherapy works as a natural remedy | Thoughtsworthy Singapore

Most of the people we interact with are unfamiliar with what Hypnotherapy is. There is also a high awareness of hypnosis on movies and performances.

We will like to share the differences between Hypnotherapy and hypnosis. And more importantly, what Hypnotherapy is not.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of mind. Hypnotherapy is a form of Complementary therapy using hypnosis to bring you towards wellness, without the use of medication. This therapy is facilitated by a trained Hypnotherapist.


How can Hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy can help you become a better and happier version of yourself:

  • Relieve your mind from bothering thoughts, habits, or feelings
  • Discover any mental blockages or conflicts causing the bother
  • Present alternative responses to your situation

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How different is this from other forms of therapy?

While other forms of therapy may involve talking through the issues while fully awake, Hypnotherapy helps you get into a  focused and relaxed state, to work with your thought processes.

Through experiences in life, your thought processes have unknowingly been calibrated to store the meanings of events you encounter. Thus, you respond the way you do. Some of these responses may have caused difficulties for you.

Hypnotherapy allows you to fine-tune these thoughts, so that more useful responses are generated towards the outcome that you will like.


What happens during a Hypnotherapy session?

We do a few simple things:

  • Firstly, to clarify what is it that you wish to be better in
  • Getting to know you better in regards to what you do, medical conditions and phobias
  • Sharing more on how Hypnotherapy will work for you
  • Explaining on cost, number of sessions and clarifying any questions / concerns


Is Hypnotherapy suitable for me?

Certainly! Hypnotherapy is suitable as a form of relaxation too. It is also used to work on improving performance and  resolving issues. Do share with us how we can help. If you are under any form of medication or other forms of therapy, we do seek your cooperation to inform us.


How do I know if I have benefited from Hypnotherapy?

You may notice that your feelings, behaviours and even actions towards the issues have changed. You may even find it easier and easier to deal with the issue, should it ever show up again. Feel free to share the good feelings with us!


Can my child come for Hypnotherapy?

We generally recommend that children from the age of 6 and above are more suitable. This is because they will be able to understand most of the instructions that our Hypnotherapists may give during the session.


Are results guaranteed?

Results require a small commitment from you to follow some of the advice that will be given to you during the hypnotherapy session. This small commitment is important for it will go a long way towards a better you. Our Hypnotherapists are here with you to give guidance and the necessary support.


Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Yes, Hypnotherapy is safe as you are in full control. You will be guided by our trained Hypnotherapists and during the session, you will still be able to communicate and respond. Your therapist may be give you suggestions and options to what you are working on. You have a choice on which ones to retain.


What about the performances on stage or on the street?

The stage and street performances on hypnotising people are likely geared towards entertainment. That is NOT Hypnotherapy. Simply put, people who are hypnotised in such scenarios are carefully selected from behind-the-scenes effort to ensure the success of the show, based on factors such as willingness and their belief of its results.


Is Hypnotherapy religion-based or spiritually-linked?

Hypnotherapy is neither religion-based nor spiritually-linked. It uses the mind’s natural abilities to relax and focus, to work on concerns related to you.


Other thoughts?

You are most welcome to contact us.