Hypnosis truth – a state of mind | Thoughtsworthy Singapore

Are any of these experiences familiar?

  • Losing track of time or wondering how fast time has passed
  • Not hearing the phone ring or someone calling out to you
  • Missing your meals and not feeling hungry

If so, then you have experienced hypnosis. We can draw on more examples from daily lives to illustrate that hypnosis is a natural state of mind:

  • We experience hypnosis naturally, especially when we are engrossed in something such as watching television, work or even enjoying ourselves at a gathering
  • In hypnosis, we can focus better and block out distractions. That will explain why we missed hearing the phone ring
  • We temporarily lose track of time, awareness of our surroundings or some bodily sensations. Perhaps after a day, we then realise how much we have done and then feel the growling stomach, reminding us we have not eaten.

Before we move on, I will like to dispel some myths about hypnosis. From the above scenarios described, it would have become clearer to you that hypnosis is a state entered by yourself. By simply focusing on something, you enter a light state of hypnosis without anyone getting you to. Thus, this means nobody can make you comply or focus, if you choose not to. Hence:

  • Hypnosis is not mind control. If you are not willing to, or you do not trust the other person enough, you will not enter hypnosis
  • Our natural reflexes protects us from being controlled by someone else. Hence, if you are asked to do something which is not accepted, your mind automatically rejects the instruction

That said, you are always in control. How can hypnosis help us? Read on to find out more