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Reviews by Clients

“My therapist is attentive to my needs. I no longer have difficulties talking to authoritative figures” – Smith, 40s, overcame his fear of authoritative figures

“Shame doesn’t bother me these days. I realized my stuttering is gone” – Chan, 20s, recovered from stuttering since childhood

“I can see my son is more relaxed now. He told me he is feeling hungry” – Deva, 40s, whose son had difficulty focusing on schoolwork

“I am able to exercise 1 to 2 times a week for 45 mins now” – Irfan, 30s, bounced back from general anxiety disorder

*Names changed to protect clients’ confidentiality


Fear and Diseases


Break free from the clutches of fear and limitations through Hypnotherapy | Thoughtsworthy Singapore
Diseases affect us at least once in our lives. Through the help of medicine, doctors and other forms of recovery, we get well again. Life goes on. It could range from something like a cold to an infection or more.


In different forms, diseases affect us in varied ways, in health and perhaps in wealth too. Some of these diseases harm the body, while some do not necessarily only. Diseases are the product of infection being stronger than resistance levels.


They have the potential to spread long-lasting and widespread effects, such as emotions we are mostly familiar with. From the time since young, we have been influenced by them, telling us to obey instructions, in order to be spared some sort of punishment. These penalties for non-compliance take on different forms in our later parts in life; from the rod, calling the police, evolving to cutting allowances, confinement to the room/house, called names, to poor appraisals, anything imaginable.


Or perhaps after sharing your dream, you hear words discouraging you to pursue them, because of skills, money, experience, time, energy, qualifications, speed, etc, that it is safer where you are; that you believe these words are for your own good.


For not complying or for the desire to live a dream, the bacteria of fear begins in the form of pain, that it will be painful to be saying things differently, it will be painful to be behaving differently, it will be painful to do different things. Being ill for a while perhaps could be good for our resistance, what about being diseased after exposure to large and prolonged amounts?


For fear is a master of disguise — phobia, trauma, fright — taking on many different forms of emotions and behaviours:
  • feeling nervous
  • unable to sleep
  • trembling / shivering / racing heartbeat in the face of certain situations
  • blank in the mind
  • unable to move / react / speak up
  • overreacting to a situation
  • sense of powerless / insecurity
  • procrastination
  • unable to complete tasks / achieve certain outcomes
  • task avoidance
  • isolation


Fear can affect our true ability to lead our lives. In the long run, it can cause anxiety and other symptoms. Hypnotherapy can help to identify and relief what is causing fear. Contact us for a free consultation today.