Health Advisory for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Clients, as part of precautionary measures against the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), we are implementing health declarations and temperature screenings when you visit us. If you have travelled to any of the affected clusters, please inform your therapist immediately. For more information, please refer to the Ministry of Health Singapore's website

Reviews by Clients

“My therapist is attentive to my needs. I no longer have difficulties talking to authoritative figures” – Smith, 40s, overcame his fear of authoritative figures

“Shame doesn’t bother me these days. I realized my stuttering is gone” – Chan, 20s, recovered from stuttering since childhood

“I can see my son is more relaxed now. He told me he is feeling hungry” – Deva, 40s, whose son had difficulty focusing on schoolwork

“I am able to exercise 1 to 2 times a week for 45 mins now” – Irfan, 30s, bounced back from general anxiety disorder

*Names changed to protect clients’ confidentiality


Corporate Training

Training for your Organization or Corporate | Thoughtsworthy Singapore
Training Truths

Training often is seen as a cost that can sometimes be easily overlooked for its importance, not to mention a sound strategy, budget, or service provider. Perhaps like snacks in the pantry and being regarded to be of a lower value compared to traditional factors of organizational success, such as profits and losses, staff strength, cost ratios. Training possibly and likely strengthens your organization’s muscles by strengthening your people; one benefit is competitive advantage.

Why choose Thoughtsworthy

Thoughtsworthy provides customized training programs for organizations and companies for workplace wellness, interpersonal effectiveness and team building. Our programs have enabled our clients to access greater success in the communities they operate in (office, home, recreation, business), be it in communication skills, decision making, overcoming operational inertia, resilience in achieving goals, ownership, self-regulation under pressure, among others. We have worked with organizations from Aerospace, Property, Employment Agencies, Finance, Non-profit Organizations, Healthcare industries, to name a few.

To maximize your team’s learnings, we have hand-picked our team of energetic and vibrant trainers from a synthesis of different industries and disciplines, to create the promotive environment tailored to your team’s dynamics.

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