Boredom and Focus

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Do you get bored easily? Everyday, we shift our attention among work, school, family, friends, recreation. Anything more interesting naturally increases the attention given to it.

Sometimes in a day, there are demands to focus on more than one thing at a time. Even though theory may suggest that the mind can focus on one thing at a time, multitasking seems to be the reality. Picture a day with 10 things to do; all things take time, attention and energy and of the 10 things, sleep may not be one of them. Or conversely, a day where there is absolutely nothing to do, with only sleep and meals to think about. Now for each scenario, imagine having to do this everyday, for months or even years.

Keeping attention that way can have different effects. Has there been a time when time seems to chew at you ever so slowly – when listening to a class, attending a meeting that does not seem to interest one bit, watching a program or movie that causes yawning? Or doing things with no control over the outcome, or with little or no excitement and wondering how to pass time and making oneself feel better?

Boredom can lead to the development of habits to cope with stress and discomfort . Boredom can give rise to:

  • feeling fidgety, restless
  • lowered self-control, tolerance, attention span
  • impatience, irritability
  • wandering thoughts
  • resentment, frustration, anger
  • withdrawal, escapism, isolation
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • addictions (binge shopping, binge eating, mobile devices, internet, alcohol, smoking, gambling, gaming, drugs and more)

Boredom in the long run can lead to harmful habits that impact our health and wealth. Hypnotherapy can help to identify what is causing boredom and make adjustments to habits. Contact us for a free consultation today.