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Dear Clients, as part of precautionary measures against the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), we are implementing health declarations and temperature screenings when you visit us. If you have travelled to any of the affected clusters, please inform your therapist immediately. For more information, please refer to the Ministry of Health Singapore's website

Reviews by Clients

“My therapist is attentive to my needs. I no longer have difficulties talking to authoritative figures” – Smith, 40s, overcame his fear of authoritative figures

“Shame doesn’t bother me these days. I realized my stuttering is gone” – Chan, 20s, recovered from stuttering since childhood

“I can see my son is more relaxed now. He told me he is feeling hungry” – Deva, 40s, whose son had difficulty focusing on schoolwork

“I am able to exercise 1 to 2 times a week for 45 mins now” – Irfan, 30s, bounced back from general anxiety disorder

*Names changed to protect clients’ confidentiality


Anger and Cages


Regulate anger and express your emotions with ease through Hypnotherapy | Thoughtsworthy Singapore

Ever taken a trip to the zoo? There are animals or birds, large and small on exhibition; some of them free to roam, some in an airconditioned room, some placed in cages to restrain their movements.

Cages can be used to separate what is within its compounds from its surroundings. In life, we may be dealt cages in our course of doing something. What forms do these cages take and who made those cages?

As we live from day to day, what are the effects of these cages on you? Does it give any of the below feelings, thoughts or behaviours:

  • Frequent headaches, tightness in the chest
  • Losing temper, slamming things
  • Blaming, sarcasm or resentment towards people and things
  • Avoiding school, work, tasks, people

Anger in the long run can be stressful and detrimental to health. Hypnotherapy can help to identify and relief what is causing anger, so that you can better cope with what is going on. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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