Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stress and Panic is treatable

Panic accelerates our thoughts and may bypass critical steps

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused substantial panic and stress in Singapore.

Store racks could be seen significantly emptied of disinfectants, hand sanitizers, thermometers, rice, toilet papers and instant noodles as a result of panic buying. Some people I spoke with have expressed their worry of not being able to step out to do their groceries, hence “stocking up just in case”. While the authorities have assured the masses of ample supplies in reserve, the aftermath of the panic may continue to reside in our minds.

What is panic?

It is the uncontrollable response triggered by fear, which leads to doing something to address that fear. In the case of Panic Buying, the fear of not having sufficient supplies to get through this sensitive period, has triggered the act of buying or stocking up supplies, to quell that fear. It can also be coupled with worry at first, which then evolves into fear. Typical signs include uncontrollable acts, talking quickly, and sometimes uncontrolled perspiration. There may be difficulty concentrating and trouble tending to daily chores. In extreme cases, the daily functions, such as eating and sleeping may be affected.

Not all symptoms go away immediately. Noticed someone who is experiencing panic? Contact us to get help.

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