Health Advisory for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Clients, as part of precautionary measures against the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), we are implementing health declarations and temperature screenings when you visit us. If you have travelled to any of the affected clusters, please inform your therapist immediately. For more information, please refer to the Ministry of Health Singapore's website

Reviews by Clients

“My therapist is attentive to my needs. I no longer have difficulties talking to authoritative figures” – Smith, 40s, overcame his fear of authoritative figures

“Shame doesn’t bother me these days. I realized my stuttering is gone” – Chan, 20s, recovered from stuttering since childhood

“I can see my son is more relaxed now. He told me he is feeling hungry” – Deva, 40s, whose son had difficulty focusing on schoolwork

“I am able to exercise 1 to 2 times a week for 45 mins now” – Irfan, 30s, bounced back from general anxiety disorder

*Names changed to protect clients’ confidentiality


Hypnotherapy Services in Singapore

“I want you to be everything that’s you, deep at the center of your being”      – Confucius

When interpersonal relationships are becoming impersonal, how are you affected?

How different is it now, for you to be able to feel better than before?

Welcome to your space to breath easy, now. Just like our bodies need food and sleep, our minds need a recharge too. Recharging allows us to get on in life.

Hello, my name is Mark. I am a Hypnotherapist by practice. I can converse with you comfortably in English, Mandarin and also Hokkien.

At Thoughtsworthy, your thoughts are always worthy of listening to. We provide a safe environment to give attention to your thoughts and feelings. Be it a decision, situation or person that has been bothering you in any way, we are here for you.

So come on in, and have a safe and assuring time with us.